Our Mission

We believe in the power of family and staying connected. We create safe spaces for children and families to learn to use social media and become positive digital citizens. Our core values are displayed prominently, making our users think before they post and to always share with purpose.

Mazu’s community is positive, welcoming and built for all ages. By allowing users to be themselves, we create real and honest experiences where there is no competition for likes or views, and most of all no bullying. Check us out!


Post your photos, videos and stories in our Digital Village. Talk about your accomplishments and share your wisdom with the world. What makes you smile, makes you proud or makes you laugh? Share your uniqueness with everyone in Mazu and be celebrated.


Start a conversation. We’ve eliminated the competition of likes and counters, and focus on real connections. Less mindless likes, more chances to make friends. Leave your mark and make someone smile.


Connect your whole family. Grandparents, far away cousins or parents on a business trip, Mazu helps families share their stories with each other no matter where they are. Send photos, video’s and messages in a private moderated chat. Create groups or chat one to one – it’s up to you!


We believe in being our real, authentic selves. No filters, no photoshop, no lies. When we are our best, true selves, we are beautiful.

Wisdom comes from within. Learning from our past and growing into our future, we’re always gaining wisdom.

Family = love. However you define family, they are the roots that ground us, help shape who we are and who we’ll become.

Belief in a better tomorrow helps us change the world. Dream of the world you want and make it happen!

Having fun is the best part of any day! Celebrate what makes you happy and share that joy with the world.

This is the golden rule – treat others how you would like to be treated. Always listen and be kind, even if you disagree.

We are all creative! Whether you sing, paint, write, build or even do experiments – it is all unique. Celebrate your creativity and share it with the world.

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Mazu is a trusted leader in child safe digital spaces. We power connections between young fans and their favourite sports teams from the NHL, NBA, WNBA and MLS by providing a custom family friendly platform with games, trivia, exclusive team content and live team chats. We bring positive fan experiences to kids across North America. Check out our other products in the App Store or Play Store.

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Mazu is founded on core values. Our users are learning to embrace the positive power of social media in a safe, curated space free of bullying and trolls. We allow users to stay connected to their family to make the digital world a more friendly place.


Trust matters at Mazu. That’s why we ask parents to verify who they are before we allow them control over their children’s accounts. We believe parents matter, so we make sure YOU are in charge of your child’s experience.


Our filters automatically sift out harmful, negative language and can flag users based on intent. Our human moderators ensure all photos and videos fit our guidelines and are shared safely with user’s consent.

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