Our Company

Mazu creates safe spaces for children and families to learn to use social media responsibly and become positive digital citizens.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Janice Taylor, Mazu has evolved from the idea that the online world could be better for families. Now, through partnerships with professional sports teams, Mazu has brought the ‘it takes a village’ mentality online. With a suite of family friendly apps, Mazu connects kids to their family, friends, and teams/ brands they love in a way that is safe, healthy and fun.

We believe that parents matter in the digital lives of their children, that’s why our COPPA-certified apps are created with parents in mind. We believe in the power of family and staying connected. By building our products around a set of values and using the community to build each other up, we believe we can create better digital citizens.

Our platform is designed with education in mind and teaches families to think before they post and to always share with purpose. Social connection is extremely powerful and rewarding, but current platforms are not made for young children.