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It's time to protect your children online.

It's time to take back ownership of your data. 

It's time to take control.

It's time to #move2mazu

Family Messaging and Content Platform

Mazu is all about family.

Built on a foundation of positive values, Mazu is a social sharing and messaging platform for families. A place to chat, explore and share what matters to them and allows users under 13 years of age to safely enjoy a sharing platform where all content is moderated by parents, just like you.
“Mazu is so fun! I like to share photos and talk to my friends”



Curated Content Feed

Our Digital Village feed is curated by families like yours and moderated by real humans to ensure nothing inappropriate will be shown. 
All your family photos in one place! Connect your accounts and all the family photos you share in Mazu will be available for everyone to enjoy!

Store Your Memories

Custom Child Permissions

Each child is unique, that’s why we give parents full control over what each of their children can see and do in Mazu.

Bring the family!

Get paid to bring your friends and family into Mazu. Earn $5 USD for every adult you refer when they verify their account. No strings. No limits. Just cash right back to you.
It pays to bring your network with you!

What People Are Saying About Mazu

“I'm really in control. Mazu gives me the ability to decide who my children can share things with and what they share and I can change settings at any time. I feel like my kids are safe using Mazu”


ANGELA, Xander & Olivia's Mom

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Join the Movement.

Topics help sort your family conversations! Talk about what you want for dinner without interrupting homework discussions. Decide who is in each group and in each topic! 

Family Group Chat

Take Control

All adults in Mazu must verify their account. Verification ensures adult accounts actually belong to adults and keeps our community ad-free and our children safe. 

*Verification is only required for Adult accounts.  All child accounts are free.

For your annual subscription of $9.99USD ($13.99CAD) you get:
  • A platform moderated by families just like yours
  • Parental controls that put you in charge
  • Privacy controls that give you the power to decide what happens to your family’s data. 
At Mazu, you are in control.  You’re a person, not a product.


“The village is awesome. I love to watch all the videos”


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